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Faux Postage Class

By Jil M. Robertson

I used Sierra Print Artist 4.0 Platinum. It is my understanding that you can use any program that has an option for TILE in the print options ( you'll understand where that fits in later on!)

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions & I'll do my best to help you out.

Seperate from the computer, I prepare my image. I use a postcard sized sheet of paper and stamp and color my image. Bold colors turn out great.

I stamped this with black Memories Ink & colored with Lyra watercolor crayons.

Woman - Enchanted Ink; Column - Stamp Cabana; Key - Above the Mark; Background & Postcard - Tin Can Mail.

I then put it on my scanner towards the center of the flat bed. That way it's all ready when I get ready to use it. Some good ideas for a stamp is scenery, or fantasy. A collage also makes a beautiful stamp.

For ideas think of some stamps you've received. Animals, photo's & even the PSX botanicals would make great stamps. Imagine making a sheet of stamps for someone's birthday. Use their photo & put their age as the postage amount. Cut out 6 or 8 of the stamps with your postage edged scissors and atach it to the front of theire birthday card. I also like the idea of a series or stamps like the post office does, like maybe 4 botanicals. I did four fantasy images all done in a very similar style for a page for the paper study. The ideas are endless!

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