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1. When you first go into Print Artist pick the option to make a SIGN. Double click on the picture of a SIGN to do that. In the category choice pick BLANK and click OK. This will take you to a blank screen.

2. Now you need to scan your image into the program. Along the top menu go to FILE, and select ACQUIRE. This will cause your scanner software to pop up. Choose the scan PICTURE option. This will scan in your picture.

Once your photo has scanned in the way you like it, accept it. Then you will be asked to name the file. This should be a descriptive name so you can find it later. I name mine in a series. For example, my fantasy images are FantasyPostage1 & FantasyPostage2 & on like that.

3. Once your image is scanned into the program, it will be smaller than you want at this point. You will now need to center it on the blank screen. Try to fill up as much of the screen as you can while still leaving a white boarder. You can pull out the image or even flip it around with the little bars that come up once you click on the image. This is the most time consuming step and it still doesn't take long.

4. At this point you want to finish up your postage. Go to INSERT then TEXT A window will pop up, this is where you need to enter the postage amount. Once you enter the amount, it will go to the center of your image. Size it & determine it's placement with the bars & tabs that appear around the numbers. You can also put in a nother window & add something like "Fantasy Post" or whatever else you want on the stamp.

5. Now you want to add a border. Go to INSERT then BORDER. On the border GRAPHICS menu, scrolll down until you find DOT BORER. Click on it & then press OK. It will go back to your image. You will need to size the border around your artwork. Now you have the main postage image!

6. Click on PRINT. Once in the print menu, go to OPTIONS. Place a check in front of the TILE option.

7. Now you want to make your images smaller. Click on the percent arrows. make them smaller. I like the 20% size. It usually creates 25 small images that are larger than a real postage stamp, but they are easy to see.

8. Click OK & your postage will print! You can use any kind of paper that you like. My all time favorite is HP Photo Paper. It gives you a great image.

9. Save your work!

10. Now you'll want to cut out your images with Fiskars Postage edged scissors. Now you have your own postage!

More Ideas

Many thanks to Jil for another great class!!